For Owners

For Owners

Welcome Owners!

With 36 years of experience in managing residential properties, you can be confident that your rental unit will be in good hands with Anderson Property Management, Inc. As one of Anderson’s most respected property management companies, we are a member of the Better Business Bureau, Upstate Association of Realtors and the South Carolina Real Estate Commission. Our professional management team is determined to provide the best quality of service we can in managing your property. Below you will find information on our management policies.

Management Contract Types and Terms

Anderson Property Management offers two types of management agreements to meet the needs of our owners. We have a standard management agreement where Anderson Property Management provides management services for all your management needs requiring little involvement on the owners’ behalf. The second management agreement is a service where we provide basic services in the process of advertising, acquiring and approving a suitable tenant for your rental property, and completing a basic rental lease agreement contract for you before turning the tenant and lease contract back over to the owner for self-management. All Owners are required to sign one of these two agreements with us before we can provide our services. Please review our contracts here.

Rent Disbursement & Management Fee

Once your property has been rented, you will begin receiving monthly rent checks. Checks will be mailed to you or directly deposited into your bank account by the 15th of the month (provided that the tenant has paid their rent on time). A percentage of the rent will be automatically deducted from your check as the management fee. The exact percentage of the fee will be determined prior to the signing of the Management Agreement. While the unit is vacant, no management fee will be charged. Each owner receives a monthly financial statement giving details on their account as well as a consolidated year-end statement along with a 1099 form for tax purposes.

Contact us for specific quotes on management fees, rent amount and other information!